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Giovanna Romaguera

Growing up as a dancer, Giovanna was drawn to yoga through her love for fluid movement. After several years of finding immense benefits through her personal practice, she completed her first 200 hour training with Yoga to the People. Since then, she has furthered her studies in Yin & Restorative Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Hot Pilates, Yoga Nidra, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Her classes incorporate music, breath, and dynamic flows to encourage a balance of strength and fluidity, while creating a playful and welcoming space to practice self-exploration and compassion.


Kremi Arabadjieva

Kremi is a RYT-500 certified yoga instructor with specific training in vinyasa, restorative, mindfulness and Ayurveda. She stumbled into her own spiritual journey seven years ago by discovering the healing powers of yoga and meditation on the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Kremi’s classes include slow flow sequences, introspective playlists and an emphasis on mindfulness and creative expression. She uses practice as a dance of gratitude to celebrate the universal flow and our essential oneness. Kremi recognizes that everyone has a different path and tells universal stories to allow her students to explore their own experiences. As a fellow writer, photographer, and experience curator, she is always looking to fuse her creativity and mindfulness practice. She is also the Yoga and Meditation Director for Passion Project SF, an SF-based movement company with the mission of making the wellness industry more inclusive and accessible.

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Amanda Barr

Amanda was initially drawn to yoga as a tool for healing and reducing stress.  With training focused on Hatha Yoga principles and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, she hopes to share mindfulness practices and techniques that offer the same healing, balance, and peace to others.  Amanda offers a well-rounded, balancing sequence with an emphasis on self-love and compassion.


Alena Egorov

Alena is a yoga and meditation instructor dedicated to connecting her students to their most authentic selves. Utilizing asana, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, and scientific research, Alena guides her students towards finding balance and wellbeing.

Alena’s personal yoga journey started in 2012 when she walked into her first yoga class in search of a practice that would help her increase her physical health. But along the way of strengthening her body, she found a lot more. Yoga taught her how to consciously build and manage her health, her career, her relationships, and get more satisfaction from life.

A 500-hour certified yoga teacher, Alena now shares the gift of yoga with her students. She finds great joy in cultivating her students' practice towards finding their inner teacher, digging deeper, and discovering the personal meaning behind their yoga practice. Her intentional and invigorating classes focus on bringing students’ attention to the alignment within the postures while encouraging them to find their own challenge in creating positive physical, mental and emotional shifts.


Beverly Tam

Beverly has been practicing yoga for over ten years, but it wasn’t until her demanding career called for constant travel across the country that she found a sense of grounding through yoga. She received her 200-hour RYT through a month long immersion program in Greece focused on Vinyasa and Jivamukti styles along with Ayurvedic studies. She has since continued her yoga education through additional Bhakti courses in San Francisco. Her classes are well-rounded and aim to balance breath and movement to create an internal connection and sense of calm.

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Sia Hubman

Sia first discovered yoga as a way to compliment her running and strength training workouts. After many years of practicing various styles, she found herself gravitate towards vinyasa flow and felt inspired to become an instructor. Through her classes, she aims to create a challenging yet safe environment for students to to grow and strengthen their own practice.  

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Somi Aggarwal

Somi Aggarwal is on a mission to raise global consciousness, beginning with raising individual consciousness through yoga and meditation. She is a certified positive psychologist and yoga instructor, passionate about the space where science and spirituality overlap. She brings this space to her students through curating experiences, including yin and restorative yoga, grounding rituals, and guided meditations. The spaces Somi creates allow prana, or life force energy, to flow through our bodies unobstructed. The natural healing properties of our prana help clear away trauma and allow us to return to our true nature of bliss and unconditional love. Somi's greatest passion is helping her students create this spaciousness within themselves, as it is more necessary than ever in today's fast-paced society so we can evolve our individual, and ultimately collective, consciousness.