Workshops & Special Events 


CBD Small Bites + Yoga


Our bodies are so sacred, so join us in unique celebration and treat yourself to the experience of CBD Small Bites and Yoga! What brought a chef and yogi together? In our modern-day world, it can be challenging to find a pause in the craziness of everyday life, so a passionate chef and yogi have decided to share their medicine. Both, food and yoga, have healing qualities that hold the power to transform the mind, body, and spirit.

Our healing session will begin promptly at 1:30pm, where we will set our own personal intentions and seal them in with a nurturing tea blend containing your desired dosage of CBD. Our slow flow yoga experience will commence with gentle, guided movement carefully crafted to stretch and move the body and mind into a rest and digest state. As the CBD settles, so will we by finishing our practice with a supportive and relaxing restorative yoga sequence.

As we re-awaken within the world, we will be greeted with an assortment of three gourmet small bites. Did we mention we’re lucky enough to work with a professional chef? Each bite will be infused with a splash of premium CBD oil, and we will also have the bites available sans CBD for those who want to simply just enjoy the food. We hope to share space with you in exploration of our mind-body connection, together as a true Sangha community.

Date: Saturday, 11/16
Time: 1:30 - 3:30pm
Price: $40


Blend & Flow: Essential Oils + Yoga Workshop

FullSizeRender (20).jpg

We love the healing power of aromatherapy here at Sangha Yoga, and want to share the world of essential oils with our community!

Join us for a special workshop - we'll begin with a discussion on essential oils, their uses and benefits, and craft our own blends to take home!

Once we have created our own aromatherapy blends, we'll apply them as we move into a Flow & Restore yoga practice. We hope the blissful combination of yoga asana and nurturing aromatherapy helps soothe the body, mind, and heart.

What's included:

  • Essential oil discussion + handout + samples

  • Two blends to take home - 1 roller and 1 spray mist. These will be your own creations to keep!

  • 1 hour yoga practice - 30 minutes of dynamic Vinyasa followed by 30 minutes of nourishing Restorative

Date: Saturday, 12/7
Time: 1 -3pm
Price: $30


Happy Hour Donations-Based Flow

hh flow.png

Join us every Friday from 5:15-6:15pm for a Happy Hour Vinyasa Flow! This class is free to book online, and we accept cash donations if you feel so inclined.

Invite your friends, let’s flow together and start our weekend off right!